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ZACHRY is currently seeking to build our pool of experienced Industrial Combination Welders.  Applicants will be screened and considered for future opportunities with Zachry.

Position Summary

A Combination Welder will weld, fabricate and assist pipe fitters in installation of varying types of industrial pipe into the projects piping systems.


Position Responsibilities

  • Selects equipment and plans layouts, assembly, and welding, applying knowledge of geometry, physical properties of metal machining, weld shrinkage and welding techniques.
  • Layout, position, aligns, cut, assemble, and fit metal components together in various body positions and in various places
  • Bolts, clamps, and tack-welds parts to secure in position for welding
  • Sets up equipment and welds parts, using arc, gas-shielded arc, submerged arc, or arc gas welding equipment.
  • Weld metal materials to piping systems equipment using the appropriate welding procedure for the various equipment and metal types involved.
  • Identify all equipment for job and process.
  • Identify all safety risks and requirements.

Required Qualifications

  • Must be able to read blue prints and other engineering drawings in order to efficiently perform work.
  • Me able to read and interrupt technical manuals as applicable.
  • Must have 4+ years experience welding experience on industrial size and grade pipe. (Schedules: 40, 80, and 160)
  • Must have the ability to weld in 2g, 4g, and 6g conditions.
  • Must be able to Stick and Tig weld on Pipe.
  • Must have thorough knowledge of various metals characteristic and qualities including the correct welding processes required and the effects of welding on the material.
  • Must have current applicable welding certification with Zachry or be able to successfully pass a weld test
  • Must have experience welding multiple types of pipe including but not limited to: carbon steel, stainless, and chrome.
  • Must be able to assist pipe fitters in pipe installation, preparation, and fabrication while not actively welding.
  • Must have reliable transportation.
  • Must be able to work at heights as required.
  • Must meet all physical demands (see section below).

Physical Requirements

  • Employee will be required to adhere to large amounts of standing, walking, bending, squatting, sitting and lifting. 
  • Will talk and hear to communicate. 
  • Will use arms and hands to signal, grab, hold, turn, push, and pull:  objects, materials, controls and tools. 
  • May be required to lift, carry and move up to 50lbs. 
  • Will work at slight heights, climb ladders and stairways, and may occasionally work off of platforms using the appropriate fall protection requirements.
  • Must be able to work in weathering conditions including heat conditions while wearing appropriate PPE.
  • Will be required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) including but not limited to: hard hat, safety glasses/goggles, ear plugs/muffs, masks/respirators, safety vests, gloves and leather work boots. 

Preferred Additional Qualification

  • Current Zachry or Zachry ROF’ed employee.
  • Former experience working with Zachry Industrial, Inc.
  • Previous experience in this position with Zachry Industrial, Inc.
  • Current Zachry Certification.
  • Experience working as an Industrial Pipe Fitter.
  • Former experience working an a Combined-Cycle power plant construction project.

Qualification Highlights

  • Must have the ability to weld in 2g, 4g, and 6g conditions.
  • Must be able to Stick and Tig weld on Pipe.
  • Must have current applicable welding certification with Zachry or be able to successfully pass a weld test.
  • Must have 4+ years welding experience.
  • Must have all required knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Must be able to meet all physical requirements.
  • Must have all the tools listed below upon start date.

Required Tools

  • 1 - Metal Tool Box with Lock
  • 1 – Stinger
  • 1 - Tig Rig (combo welder's only)
  • 1 - Welding Hood

  • 1 - Chipping Hammer

  • 1 - Pair of Klein Pliers or equal

  • 2 - Crescent Wrench 12" & 15"

  • 1 - 25' Tape1 - File1 - 4-12lb Beater

  • 1 - Torpedo Level1 - Combination Square

  • 1 - Pair of Welding Gloves

  • 1 - Pair of Leathers (overhead welding)

  • 1 – Rain Coat

  • 1 – Rubber boots

ZACHRY is dedicated in providing a Safe and Drug Free work environment; and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



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