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The JVIC Turnaround Planner facilitates the turnaround planning effort with all participants in a timely work scope definition and the development of effective turnaround plans. This person plays a lead role during the strategic planning, and execution phases to ensure that the final work scope is translated into a budget control plan, detailed schedule, and in establishing manpower performance baseline.

  • Coordinate the development of the turnaround work scope received from all departments such as operations, inspection, projects, and maintenance.
  • Ensure work scope justification and compliance with the turnaround work scope criteria.
  • Field review scope of work and develop job steps and requirements for craft and man­ hours for each submitted work request.
  • Assist in the development of the material list, specifying quantity, size, and material codes for all material required for the approved scope.
  • Coordinate with the Material Coordinator in the timely purchase and delivery of materials as per the turnaround schedule.
  • Obtain technical input from engineering where required.
  • Work with the field supervisor in the development of mobile lifting equipment and other specialized tooling required for the approved work scope.
  • Review scope with the appropriate supervisors to understand safety, health, and environmental  considerations.
  • Input all scope of work, including capital work to be done during the turnaround, into the planning system.
  • Plan and prepare turnaround work packages, which include the job steps, drawing and sketches, material, equipment, and tool requirements, testing procedures and manpower requirements.
  • Provide orientation and training of the turnaround planning and control system to the field personnel.
  • Prepare subcontractor work packages for the bid proces and/or work execution.
  • Inform the HSE  Supervisors of work involving asbestos insulation, lead-based  paint, sandblasting, benzene,  etc.
  • Work with operations personnel  to incorporate  detailed plans  for the unit  shutdown, turnaround and startup in the overall turnaround schedules.
  • Identify  outside  services  or  equipment  required  and  assists  in  the  procurement  of services or equipment if needed.

Execution Phase

  • Distribute daily turnaround  schedules to all shifts.
  • Ensure that all critical path work is being performed on or ahead of schedule.
  • Work with field coordinators and supervisors to update the schedule progress.
  • Ensure that all scope growth and added work requests are incorporated into the plan and scheduled on a timely basis.
  • Maintain added work request log and help estimate cost for each job.
  • Plan the added work requests during the turnaround.
  • Verify the justification and approval signatures on all additional work requests before entering the added scope into the plan.

Post Turnaround Phase

  • Monitor after unit start up, the completion of post turnaround activities to ensure their cost-effective  completion.
  • Participate in turnaround review meeting and provide input about all planning concerns and recommendations for future turnarounds.
  • Archive job plans after the turnaround  is complete and update turnaround  equipment history files.

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