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The duties and responsibilities of the Lead QC Inspector included but are not limited to the oversight of the field craft work performed in accordance with all Zachary, Site, ASME and NBIC codes and standards:

  • Assist in assembling work packages by adding relevant checklist, welding procedures and designated inspection hold points.

  • Identify and document the appropriate activities stipulated in the individual work package for project and routine maintenance activities.

  • Work with Site reliability group to establish procedures for turnarounds.

  • Develop processes and procedures necessary to address future activities.

  • Input inspection results into the Zachry’s Quality Status Report inspection and the Gadget   System

Welding Inspection:

  • Verify compliance with pre-approved Welding Procedure Specifications.

  • Verify compliance with welder certification, qualification (by thickness and material type) and continuity (by process).

  • Inspect joint fit-up per designated Code, Design Drawing and/or Specification. Document and track acceptance and rejection.

  • Inspect root and finished weld per designated Code, Design Drawing and/or Specification. Document and track acceptance and rejection.

  • Verify and review craft weld mapping

Welder Testing:

  • Witness new welder applicants testing at 3rd party testing lab.

  • Witness existing welders testing at 3rd party testing lab for additional qualifications.

  • Complete Welder Performance Qualification Record for corporate and site.

    Code Repairs:

  • Contact ZII Quality Control System Manager.

  • Contact ZII Technical Services for issuance of Code Package Reference Numbers.

  • Contact and interface with NBIC Authorized Inspector (AI).

  • Provide a repair for AI’s review and approval, and designation of Alteration, Repair or Routine Repair.

  • Assign Welding Procedure Specification.

  • Issue Master Weld Data Log with Welding Procedure Specification.

  • Verify welder qualifications and continuity.

  • Issue Welder Qualification Log with Welder Performance Qualification Record.

  • Issue Work Process Traveler indicating QC and Inspector hold points.

  • Verify and document acceptance of Code material on Receiving & Inspection Report with attached Material Test Reports (MTR).

  • Document weld inspection results on Visual Inspection Weld Map.

  • Verify contract with NDE Company, Level III appointment and technician certification and qualification.

  • Verify and document required NDE on Non-Destructive Examination Record.

  • Witness and document hydrostatic test on Pressure Test Report.

  • Verify current calibration of test gauge.

  • Verify and document PWHT and equipment calibration on Post Weld Heat Treatment Schedule Report.

  • Complete required documentation as required in QC and ASME/NBIC Manual and transmit original signed forms to ZII Quality Control System Manager and retain copies of each at site for records.

Piping Systems: 

  • Review work package for scope of work, inspection hold points, NDE requirements and assigned Welding Procedure Specification.

  • Verify welder certification, qualification and continuity for assigned WPS.

  • Verify welder certification, qualification and continuity for designated welding activity.

  • Verify work package items have been properly addressed, completed, inspected and documented by Craft and Supervisor.

  • Inspect piping system items for completeness and compliance. These are, but not limited to:

    • Materials: pipe, fitting, valve, instrument, hanger, support.

    • Orientation: location, plumb, level, square, slope

    • NDE (schedule and interface with 3rd party NDE Co.)

    • Pressure Test

    • PWHT (schedule and interface with 3rd party company)

    • Inspect flange assemblies:

      • Inspect flange assembly alignment,

      • Inspect gasket material for correct type, material, and rating,

      • Inspect flange assembly components for size, material, and length,

      • Inspect gasket crush after bolt up is completed.

      • Witness flange assembly torque and document torque value.

    • Document QC and Client acceptance, release system for start-up.

Pressure Tests:

  • Perform P&ID walk down and verify work activities; piping component / hanger / support installation, coating, insulation, inspection and testing are complete.

  • Verify installation of blinds and isolation or removal of instruments.

  • Release system for hydrostatic test.

  • Verify test gauge calibration.

  • Verify specified pressure is reach and maintained ≥ required minimum duration.

  • Document test results and acceptance on a pressure test report in the work package.

  • Release test boundary components for next designated activity.        

 Inspection of Installation of Rotating and Fixed Equipment

  • Visually inspect components for physical damage or contamination by opening packages and crates.

  • Verify that shop inspection has been completed and that the vendor has supplied the purchase order documentation and packing lists.

  • The equipment base is cleaned of dirt, grease, foreign materials in preparation for placement.

  • All foundation or equipment have been completed and accepted. Structural steel has been completed, tensioned, and accepted.

  • Document these inspections in work package.

Inspection of Instrumentation - The inspection of E&I equipment shall be planned and executed following the instructions and requirements of the manufacturer and/or vendor, as well as the

  • Project specifications, design drawings.

  • All orifice plates and control valves shall be temporarily turned over to the owner for

  • their inspection and acceptance, if required, and returned to Zachry upon completion

          of inspection.

  • Instrumentation checklists will be utilized to document installations by Zachry.Quality checks are made with random witnessing by the QC

  • Document these inspections in work package.

Civil Inspection

  • Verify required by design or specification or both, verification that excavation operations.

  • Any soils compaction required has been completed and documented.

  • Pour card signed off signifying area is ready for concrete placement.

  • Verify that the number of reinforcing bars, their dimensions, shapes, layout and

       Grade is correct per drawings.

  • Verify that curing compound, quantity and method of curing are per the specifications.


  • Document these inspections in work package.

Structural Inspections (bolt-up):

  • Inspect structural bolts are correct size and type.

  • Verify correct bolt tightening technique is followed.

  • Verify correct torque value is achieved.

  • Document these inspections in work package.

  • Release for next scheduled activity.

Secondary Responsibilities:

            . Support Site Engineering and Reliability Group as required.

            . Review 3rd party engineering drawings.

            . Witness all equipment pressure testing on completed repairs.

            . Perform (Verify) Positive Material Identification (PMI) examination on alloy materials received on site.

Follow all OSHA, Site and Zachry Industrial Inc. safety policies and procedures. Attend and Participate as required in all safety meetings as directed by site management. Meet all PPE requirements for the site and each area of the plant.

Requirement: Level II NDE Certifications as a minimum

Training: (Preferred) HSE and Maintenance procedures, Engineering Specifications and Procedures

Skills: (Recommended)  Interpersonal Skills, Computer Software- Microsoft Office, SAP, QSR, GADEGT, Time Management, Customer focus,

Knowledge:  Working knowledge of Site Specifications, applicable ASME codes, B31.1, B31.3 NBIC, Section I, V, VIII and IX. Minimum NDE Inspection requirements for Piping systems, boiler and pressure vessels as well as knowledge of Welding, Civil, and Coatings, Insulation, heat trace, PWHT… as pertains to site activities.

ZACHRY is dedicated in providing a Safe and Drug Free work environment and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Level II NDE Certifications as a minimum

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