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The Project Safety Facilitator is critical for the overall compliance and consistency of applying established process and procedures by the operational team.  Clear understanding of the applicable processes and procedures with a keen awareness of the necessity to communicate intent between the Operations Group and the Safety Management Team is essential.  Dealing factually and accurately with optional approaches in field execution is critical

Strong observation skills are necessary to understand the applicability of established Safety Program guidelines and mandates.  A strong willingness to research and read extensive statutory guidelines, as well as Corporate Programs, is key to overall support of the Safety Process.  Ability to follow instructions and provide clear reports (verbally especially) are key components of continuing to grow within the Safety Department.

The ability to conduct field level training is a requirement.

1.        Ensure all employees understand compliance requirements of all Site Safety Rules and Policies, and all OSHA, State, Federal, and Local Laws.

2.        Supervise all medical activities and services within the Site.

3.        Develop and recommend safety-training activities as required.  Coordinate training activities as necessary.

4.        Maintain safety statistics/control charts for the site.

5.        Implement/coordinate the documentation of all safety and medical activities.

6.        Ensure accurate investigations of all accidents and/or incidents.  Review and approve all accident/incident reports.

7.        Assist site trainer with compliance of the new employee orientation process.

8.        Review and endorse all safety and/or medical purchases.

9.        Ensure JSA/CHA policy and the safety meeting requirements are followed.

10.     The Safety Facilitator shall inspect the site for hazardous and/or unsafe conditions and request that corrections are made by the supervisor in charge of the operation.

11.     He/she will attend Supervisor and Foremen’s safety meetings on a daily rotating basis but will not conduct these meetings.

12.     He/she shall participate in educational inspections where appropriate and coordinate such inspections as deemed necessary within their assigned work areas.

13.     Provide instruction and guidance regarding correct safety procedures as necessary within their assigned work areas.

14.     Stop work when imminent danger exists and notify the appropriate field supervisor, and the Safety and Health Manager.

15.     Ensure awareness of Safety process for compliance and non-compliance with OSHA and site rules.

16.     Use available tools to ensure safe practices are being followed.

17.     Provide instruction and guidance in correcting safety infractions.

18.     Respond to all medical emergencies when requested.

19.     Provide first aid treatment.

20.     Assist Site Safety and Health Manager in maintenance of accurate and complete first-aid/safety records.

21.     Stay familiar with the site conditions and routes of egress.

22.     Assure that first-aid facilities are kept in a sanitary, clean, fully stocked condition and state of readiness.

23.     Listen to employee concerns regarding safety & health and take appropriate action.

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