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ORANGE, TX 77630 - US


Zachry Industrial Inc., is currently looking for a safety professional to be a Safety Coordinator at Chevron Phillips in Orange, TX.

Position Summary:

Safety Support Coordinator is normally the next in line to the Project/Site Safety Support Manager. The interpersonal skills are called upon to help coordinate practical and efficient problem solving skills with the other members of the Safety Team as well as the Operations Group/Team. Having the ability to “draw in” a variety of Human Resources into a problem environment without compromising the core value of Safety is critical. Project/Site Safety Support Coordinators are in virtually constant contact with first Line managers (Foreman through Project Management). The ability to develop a strong working relationship and providing the support and assistance of Safety requirements is essential to the quality of the working environment and ultimately the end product. Providing solutions through alternative vs. the documentation of problems is not only important, but also critical. A variety of responsibilities are directly related to strong processes and procedures regarding assets. Beyond proper use and care of vehicular equipment, there are portable office facilities, specialized testing equipment, PPE gear and inventories, medical supplies and equipment, and office furniture and equipment used to support successful project completion. Avoiding unilateral decision making, while holding to required legal parameters of safety is a skill that is highly necessary in being successful as a coordinator. Assembling clear, concise facts into a useable format will assist in coordinating “buy-in” from Operational Groups. Being careful to weigh all possibilities and alternative will require patience and organizational skills. Providing support and leadership to the Safety Team is an ongoing challenge.

Position Duties:


  • Respond to questions from the field for “tools” and supplies ;
  • Initiate and monitor procedures for routine assessments, follow up with the Line Management Team regarding corrective action and appropriate path forward initiatives;
  • Provide training in specified areas that fit the specific situation of the field Project location;
  • Assure training completions are documented and available for proper assessment and subsequent action;
  • Interface with other contractor management to ensure implementation of the Project specific safety process, training process, and reporting requirements;
  • Review all accident investigations, and ensure that corrective action in taken as required;
  • Review and assist in the Project fire protection process;
  • Review and assist in the Project emergency evacuation plan;
  • Maintain an active and visible role in the Project safety process, and provide a focal point for receiving, reviewing, and communicating safety process revisions and enhancements;
  • Support safety audit program and track deficiencies to completion;
  • Provide required resources for the Safety Facilitor(s) and Industrial Hygienist;
  • Listen to employee concerns regarding safety and health and take appropriate action.




Required Qualifications:


  •  High School Diploma or Equivalent;
  • 3+ years experiences working as a safety coordinator, facilitator, or hygienist;
  • Must be able to illustrate safety knowledge to include but not limited to: common practices, OSHA regulations, and equipment safety knowledge;
  • Must have proven leadership skills;
  • Must be proficient with computer operation and Microsoft Office products;
  • Must be able to learn and use new software quickly;
  • Must be an effective communicator with peers, subordinates, superiors, and clients;
  • Must be able to effectively manage time and task for yourself and team;
  • Must be able to manage a budget.

Preferred Qualifications:


  • Bacheolars or Associates Degree;
  • Certification in Safety (CSP,CSM, etc...);
  • Current or Former Zachry.


Reports to:



  • This position will report to the site manager and corporate area safety manager.
  • This position will supervise other positions (facilitators, Hygenist, assistants, clerks) to a maximum span of 6 personnel.

 Physical Requirements;



  • Must be able to pass a health assessment;
  • Must be able to repetitively lift 50 lbs ;
  • Must be able to sit, stand, walk, climb, or kneel for long periods of time;
  • Must be able to climb and enter confined spaces safely and includes the ability to use equipment required to do these tasks (i.e. harness, respirator);
  • Must be able to work in varying weather conditions.

Zachry is a Equal Opportunity Employer; and is dedicated to providing a SAFE and DRUG FREE work environment.


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