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Turnaround Project Controls Manager

JVIC – Project Controls Department

Houston, Texas


JVIC, a Zachry Group Company, is the leading provider of turnaround and specialty services to America's process industries. We understand the time-critical nature of turnarounds and the unique technical and safety challenges that this type of work involves.


We are currently seeking a Turnaround Project Controls Manager, responsible for maintaining continuous control over scope development, planning, materials, estimating, scheduling and cost control of the turnaround. The Manager is responsible and accountable to select a turnaround management team to perform planning and scheduling activities in accordance to an established turnaround management plan.



  • Manage the team on day-to-day basis, validating the work scope and delegating work to the planners and schedulers.
  • Integrate planning, scheduling, estimating and costing into one interrelated function.
  • Maintain constant communication with all T/A personnel to develop and disseminate T/A cost and schedule requirements.
  • Assist T/A Manager to ensure budget templates and estimates are accurate.
  • Coordinate and assemble all planning and scheduling data for totally integrated schedule including operations and capital work.
  • Prepare the T/A management reports (cost and schedule) and graphs on a daily basis during the turnaround period (between  Maintenance Start and Maintenance Complete)
  • Advise T/A management of schedule problems together with  recommendations to resolve problems
  • Ensure T/A Management Best Practices are utilized to appropriate level for each given T/A.
  • Accumulate, analyze, and furnish historical cost and planning data per guidelines of the T/A Management Best Practices.
  • Administer requirements of the T/A Incentive Plan.


  • Coordinate gathering and development of the turnaround scope from all departments, including but not limited to Operations, Inspection, Maintenance and Engineering.
  • Assist turnaround manager in the review of scope collected to evaluate the justification for work scope in the turnaround.
  • Function as the focal point of all planning, materials, estimating, documentation and scheduling activities.
  • Identify planning resource requirements and determine on-site- dates.
  • Supervise all planner’s, scheduler’s, estimator’s and document control personnel.
  • Organize and chair appropriate meetings.
  • Set-up milestone plan for all planning activities including completion dates for preliminary scopes, final scopes and critical path.
  • Track the planning process of all areas, recommend corrective action to turnaround manager.
  • Ensure that long lead materials items are specified and ordered on time.
  • Ensure that standard work-hours and resources are used.
  • Set-up the turnaround calendar for all areas.
  • Develop scheduling criteria based on best practices of all planners.
  • Work with Area Turnaround Managers to set feed-out date and feed-in date, and system impacts, for inclusion in the turnaround schedule.
  • Review critical path scope and logic for each area.
  • Coordinate schedules for systems that cross multiple areas (i.e., steam outages, electrical work and other unit outages).
  • Coordinate inspection requirements across all areas working with the inspection department.
  • Set work-force requirements for all sub-contractors, including those that cross multiple areas.
  • Coordinate the overall equipment list


  • Ensure that the turnaround progress is tracked, and run reports for turnaround managers for all areas combined.
  • Audit planner or tracker updates to assure correct reporting.
  • Analyze schedule reports to identify problem areas and suggest solutions to the turnaround managers.
  • Participate as a member of EWR “extra work request” FCO committee.
  • Track and assist in the management of the scope growth and EWR “extra work request” FCO flow process and correct problems as necessary. Review and approve all estimates for changes to the turnaround estimate and ensure that all EWR FCO logs, etc., are up-to-date.
  • Monitor craft work-hour expenditures (by major discipline and in total) on a daily basis during the turnaround.
  • Monitor General Site Contractor, Sub-Contractor's staff and supervision work-hour expenditures (build-up and run-down of these personnel), expenses, etc.
  • Approve the day to day overtime for planning and scheduling staff.
  • Participate in the turnaround daily control meetings and advise of cost/schedule status, defining any problem areas, and recommending corrective action.


  • Ensure that historical report documentation is collected and properly archived.
  • Assist facilitating post turnaround critique meetings.
  • Review final cost, progress and schedule information.
  • Assist turnaround manager to assure all demobilization activities are timely completed.
  • Review with turnaround management team their performance versus expectations.


  • Bachelor's degree (B.S.) in Engineering or related Technical Program from four-year College or University; or 8-10 Years Related Job Experience
  • 5-8 years of relevant construction experience.
  • Required:   Microsoft Office Products including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
  • Demonstrated understanding of project cost, earned value, CPM scheduling and detail planning, contract    management concepts
  • Commitment to Accuracy and Reliability



  • Primavera P6, @Risk, CMIS, SAP, Earned Value Systems, Oracle Contract Manager, CAD/Construction Sim, Oracle Procurement, Hard Dollar
  • PMI Certification
  • VBA


This position provides direct supervision or through work leaders or assistants, typically with a subordinate group of up to ten (10) employees.  Position requires estimating of personnel needs and assignment of work to meet completion dates in accordance with established schedules.  Supervise, coordinate and review the work of assigned staff.  Recommend candidates for employment conduct performance evaluations and salary reviews for assigned staff and administer company policies.



Employee will be required to communicate in person, via telephone, email, video chat and software systems.  Position will include visits to maintenance sites and industrial facilities requiring mobility (on ground and at heights) and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) including but not limited to: hard hat, safety glasses/goggles, ear plugs/muffs, masks/respirators, safety vests, gloves and work boots.



Employee will work in multiple environments including an office, warehouse and in a trailer or building on sites.  On work sites noise levels will be moderate to high.  Job site will contain: light to heavy equipment vehicles, small to large equipment, materials, communication equipment and tools, people standing, walking, sitting, signaling and talking, bells whistles and alarms.

The above description covers the fundamental responsibilities of the Turnaround Project Controls Manager position. It shall not be construed as a complete listing of all miscellaneous, incidental or similar duties which may be required from day-to-day.


JVIC, a Zachry Group Company, is dedicated in providing a Safe and Drug Free work environment; and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


ZACHRY/JVIC is dedicated in providing a Safe and Drug Free work environment; and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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