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The MLT (Machinery Lubrication Technician Level 1) position is responsible for

equipment lubrication, contamination control, inspection and proactive maintenance

activities for all lubricated mechanical systems.

A description of the general activities may include:

Coordination of inventory and routine ordering of products.

Stocking inventory locations.

Use of tools and equipment for routine and non-routine lubrication functions.

Draining and cleaning of reservoirs.

Mechanical modification of systems as directed to facilitate sampling and

filtration, and other proactive improvements.

Filling reservoirs.

Topping off reservoirs.

Changing filters and breathers on reservoirs

Operating filtration equipment.

Grease relubrication with manual and automatic dispensing equipment

Maintenance of dispensing equipment and automatic systems.

Labeling and tagging reservoirs, equipment, inventory and delivery containers.

Printing and fulfilling planned lubrication activities

Update scheduling systems, including adding notes to system and requesting work

orders for maintenance repairs and activities.

Perform field level oil analysis, including: Crackle, Viscosity, Demulsibility and

Blotter Test.

Schedule, collect, label and mail samples for analysis.

Receive and evaluate oil analysis results for future planned maintenance.

Report in writing any discrepancies or conditions that require corrective,

predictive or planned maintenance for production systems.

The MLT Level I position requires the following skills and abilities:

Good oral and written communication skills and good team building skills.

Capability to work in an unsupervised position effectively.

Capability to read and interpret technical documents, such as:

o OEM Maintenance plans

o Blue prints

o Advanced Lubrication Technology instruction and recommendations

o Software system instructions.

Capability to perform basic mathematical functions (addition, subtraction,

multiplication, division, percentages) for the purpose of interpreting alarms,

calculating lubricant inventory and calculating relubrication quantity


Capability to operate moderately complex software and web based programs for

lubrication scheduling and oil analysis functions.

Understanding of fundamental lubrication concepts and application of these

concepts (such as Viscosity, NLGI #’s, V.I., AW, EP, R&O, ISO Cleanliness

Codes, Beta Filter Rating, etc.).

ICML - MLT Level 1 Certification (within 180 days of placement).

Have a strong fundamental understanding of mechanical, hydraulic and

circulating systems operation, contamination control and maintenance functions.

Should be qualified to operate lifting equipment (Fork Truck, Skip Hoist, Etc.)

Should be qualified to perform lockout-tag out procedures.

Demonstrated initiative and strong work habits.

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